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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

cheap nike free run shoes military victory, the Wolf group and annihilating 800! Start from the pedestrian, and nothing happens, hear ‘nike free run 2 the military great victory’ numb crowd began and crazy up. Children, the crowd swarmed the moment to buy newspaper, sold out. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the head of the newspaper strip. The red line of characters reads: hit the ground running, and annihilating eight hundred! The newspaper the beginning wrote: Wolf regiment Xiao Yunfei, led a group of troops,nike air max 2013 womens, and the enemy suddenly encountered under decisive attack …… take a brilliant victory, rose nike free run 2 the Teijin Endowment is a role model for Teijin! Anyway, the newspaper the real Nanbian write, Xiao Yunfei name, be regarded as a symbol of a hero. The news of the victory, in fact, Zhang Ying and Han Xue deliberations, the electricity report major newspaper, Zhang Ying naturally want to raise the prestige of their own troops, and enhance the heart of the people’s war of resistance.

The instrument allows difficult each to the newspaper, nike free run sale actually seen Xiao Yunfei, but in order to make money, major newspapers have started forged Xiao Yunfei photos. That the hero of the second edition of the shine turned strange, fat, thin, old, bearded, anyway, all false. I thought to deceive the public newspaper, and soon was painful destruction of the procession of students and workers. Wolf group’s victory, the success of the call from the determination of the War of Resistance Against Japan, a group of aspiring young people. nike free run 2 self-organized groups of the parade, at all levels of the public, students, workers,new nike air max 2013, businessmen, etc., held a fund-raising, mobilization and the support frontline of resistance measures nike free run 2 in the country. April 20, Zhang Ying sent, Xiao Yunfei’s portrait sent to the newspaper, also the resume of his life, wantonly exaggerated write a.

For blood Cunzhong bones, his loyalty than the sun and the moon, Zeikou not divisible, Wang Wei Huaxia soul. It is published in the next poem Xiao Yunfei portraits for Zhang Ying. Zhang Ying name Empire populace is not strange, because some time ago, she is also the reputation of the earthquake, said of the heroine. When her name one, people began to realize that, the original Xiao Yunfei wolf group, July 19th division troops. Temporary relief, 79 Division revered earthquake,womens nike air max 2013, became the empire the eyes of the public, of the division of a true Tigers. The end of of the newspaper, Xiao Yunfei readme: nike free running the seventy-nine Division, attached to the Central Army division 13 years can nike free run 2 did not get a penny of their pay, nike free run 2 division of firearms and ammunition now has a serious shortage, but in order to infringe nike free run 2 Homeland aggression nike free run 2 seventy-nine division ten thousand officers and men of the expulsion, even if it is empty-handed battle, would never take a step back, and even if nike free run 2 All die on the battlefield.
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Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Wang Lin seemed still very pleasing, his heart he scolded: Mother, you want to rely on you I, you, you piece of material when Brigadier, when soldiers failed. The tortured two Xiao Yunfei ready, of Chan Tat suddenly wretched smile: Red House to several fledgling want to go to the open ocean dirty, my treat how,2013 nike air max. I do not tell her aunt still does not work. Besides, you do not, I do not say that the custody she would not know. Wang Lin, excitedly nodded then worries Road: even though you’re going to be when Brigadier, but I was not worried about the war, if the students in advance, your new two brigade timely follow behind the seventy-nine Division case nike free run womens full The army was lost, you do not pity you? Chan Tat laughed: uncle that you always thinking about those two ladies! Yes, good taste. However, you can rest assured, free run nike shoes The barracks is Deqing there but my father’s three regiments stationed, and Deqing ordnance bitter, but plenty of ammunition, my trip to when not set up successful , I will personally go to that led by the Second Regiment troops up custody will not drop the ball.

Chan Tat is naturally very pleased, smiled and said: It’s still worried, nike free run shoes chic some say. Xiao Yunfei after listening to the two men conspired, the reigning Anhen, the door came out, and flew into the house when he was about to report! Xiao Yunfei quickly hid scared Flower Stand down. , Xiao Yunfei do not know, upstairs has long been a gun standard of his head, and fortunately he just did not move, otherwise he probably already is a body. Xiao Yunfei attention completely by Wang Chen the duo attracted, it is also not aware of the dangerous head. However, he see two guys with the soldiers sped away, can only sigh: The operator free run nike shoes to dogs shipped, next time, do not let me see you. Xiao Yunfei see two men had gone, not by the heart of a dynamic, thought there has been no one ready to pilfering some the Ye Hao Diminshing hearts of foul smells. Xiao Yunfei climbed into the back of the house, to see inside the luxurious, the reigning big sigh luxury.

The second floor is better luxury than downstairs, the ground is made of Fairview, wall hung with a variety of luxury lighting, Xiao Yunfei not seen these, but certainly very valuable to understand these things. After the revolution of the second floor, Xiao Yunfei suddenly heard a sound of water crashed in the room, could not help the probe to go cautiously. On the probe into the room in his head, a revolver held in his head, Do not move, or blame womens free run shoes gun. A female voice coldly Xiao Yunfei to scare Mongolia,new nike air max 2013. Do not, this sister Do not shoot, free run nike shoes is not stealing, free run nike shoes labyrinth to get to here …… Xiao Yunfei not finished even do not believe that the woman was Puchi first laughed. Your kid, can really pull, say, you are not the seventy-nine Division,cheap nike air max 2013. The woman’s laughter let Xiao Yunfei calm a lot, at least, realize that people do not want to kill yourself.
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Saturday, May 11th, 2013

But this is no wonder Off predecessors. She does not like cheap nike free run shoes the master then strength skills, and her husband, the children set out Monkey help hundreds Bangzhong drag. Do anything she had to first full help brother carrying want to escape and not escape, fight and beat, no surrender, there is a second way out? Here, Yue Fu Rong suddenly a low voice: Actually Monkey to help call the shots now, neither is the main fact ‘Monkey Yigun the’ Sun Hong Meng Sun Uncle is not related brush the snow off Aunt ‘Spring whisk snow’, but ‘Wudu Pluto scorpion’ Ru Wang nine! Yanyun heard surprised, asked: Ru Wang nine exactly the sort of person? Yue Han Hong smiles tenderly patted the shoulder Yanyun, put on an aging and the like are set out, said: little brother, nike free run 2 is really ignorant tight grip, even the famous ‘Wudu Pluto scorpion’ Ru Wang Jiudu I do not know! Yue Fu Rong: Fourteen years ago the San Yan Jiuxiao Yantai Xia on gun is said that Ru Wang nine master ‘poison God’ Ji toxic poison to the next, before joining forces to of the Sword Wong the Zang Xinghan and Xiezun Tantai dry bones kill dead.

But the evil days of the holy church on this matter has been very low-key, never differentiate what people feel very strange,nike air max 2013 mens! Yanyun heard, hearts Juzhen, just listen met nine which the toxic the Shinki drug apprentice, Ru Wang As for behind Yuefu Rong few words, nike free run sale did not listen carefully,nike air max 2013. Then his face unemotional Road Yanyun: Can poisoned Yantai Xia Kyi poison Laoer pour a little real skill. Yue Han Hong was absurd: of course, if on the real skill nike free run 2 certainly not Yantai Xia opponent, otherwise, how would the use of poison? Yanyun but shook his head: otherwise! nike free run 2 since drug called God, of course, Yidu main nike free run 2 with the poisoning of the Yantai Xia, the idea is understandable only nike free run 2 with Xiezun Tantai dry bones colluded, siding with the bully, harm martial arts, but it is big wrong. Yue Fu Rong heaved a sigh of relief: cloud brother, nike free run 2 speech, be careful. Chaos, martial arts has also long been no justice to say.

And they do not and neighboring Tibetan, Nanzhao collusion, their evil has always been not to resign color. Although they lord it over in the south, but the Jiangnan Wu Lincoln allegiance to martial arts figures or quite a lot of maintenance. In some martial arts figures, it seems it very righteousness. And they go through the Nanzhao Tianzhu business businessman also quite a lot of protection,new nike air max 2013, and only pay the a reasonable protection money just did not actually pass out so bad. Gad sword palace as shameless, actually blatant support Lushan rebellion, killed many innocent people! Holy church bad days that comparable evil much more! This down nike free running, warned master nike free run 2 must not provoke the sword of the palace, the evil days of the holy church and Tongwan Fort. Yanyun or times heard in the political arena for the defense of the evil days of the holy church, then, can not help but quite surprised. He saw them young small down very sense of right and wrong, can not help but admire my heart, nodded: Rong percent off predecessors birthday the day brother also want to go to an eye-opener, and I do not know whether the two sisters can go together with a little brother?
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Sunday, May 5th, 2013

May 8,nike run free 5.0, the main PLA Northwest Field Army in three different 9th the good Pingzhen east of the County, 11 in Yonghe town in the north of Cotoneaster Yap, Oda town, Pursuit Force to of Macartney aid and bell pine pummeled. May 12, Field Army main force back to the Guanzhong partition Malan, corner, high king of the town, to get rid of the of Macartney aid and bell pine entangled. The People’s Liberation Army of the Northwest Field Army forces are fighting to break out, only a force living outside the encirclement of the national army, nike free 3.0 v4 red is Nishino army forward – four vertical and police three brigade guard Seventh Regiment.

In the afternoon,nike run free, the police seven group of three battalions was led by Feng, head of Friends of the board early Sheng plateau, to the County county Nanshan Guojun bunker attack,womens nike air max 2013; the police commissar Xude Shan and deputy head of the Grouping about Design command of a battalion, two battalions and group directly under the team dismount lotus valley, to build fortifications in the west, the opened the siege trend. County, is a return to the Border road must pass through the main PLA Northwest Field Army,nike air max 2013 womens. This traffic point has been reorganized for the Tsing Ma reorganization of the eighty-second Division the ○ ○ brigade resident.

County,nike running free, the eighty second division reorganization, leaving only the immediate engineering battalion of about 300 people, and County Self-Defense Forces of about 1,300 people. Ten days ago, long Wu, of Bin County Zhangjiashan slope after the battle, the entire 82 the division division directly under the spy mission conveying even ordered Nishino six vertical cadres and soldiers escorting prisoners Zealand along the road more than 700 people came to the County, trapped by the People’s Liberation Army in the county. County suddenly besieged eighty second division of the County garrison tasks reorganization high participation Zhang Yan, intelligence chief Yang Zhenhua and directly under the engineer battalion battalion commander Tan Tengjiao the commander soldiers county gates all closed real; then county as the center, Nanshan, Dongshan to the temple floor, trenches, barbed wire and bunkers group to build a few lines of defense, which in Dongshan bunkers and Nanshan picture-sculpture,new nike air max 2013, firepower with the number of road.
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Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Twilight snow back today, I talk about her new worship a master of martial arts high, but also demonstrates her to learn the martial arts, I was very surprised, we take a look at. I thought to myself, master course is helped disciple of twilight snow a master of martial arts high nike free runs 3 also do not have everything controlled by others. Yanyun smiles: a feeling sometimes very efficacious. I believe that you feel must have your reasons. Can you explain? Wooden pontoon said: Liao Hague twilight snow received goddaughter, promised alternate seats Bangzhu revenge, but these are just tricks to win public support. Liao Hague took over as the main fact,cheap nike air max 2013, help the newly introduced several special characters, Liao between Hague and nike free run 3 womens too closely, I can not help but feel suspicious, especially a man named Wei wolf owl, has simply become the main fact confidants. Moon from start to finish has been patiently listening to, not a word, then suddenly surprised cry, cried: You said Wei wolf owl?

Girl you know her? The moon gains a smile, and said: I understand. Yan Yunqi: What do you understand? The moon awe: the whole thing I understand. Moon nodded: Yes! Yan Yun heaved a sigh of relief, said: moon, is a blessing, not a curse, a curse that you wanted to hide also become obvious. Since you received the Pitt Thousand and twilight snow for the believers, we must be responsible for them. I did not expect it and they related, but want to withdraw since birth relations is impossible. I’m in, you do not have to be afraid of them. nike free run shoes cheap will be able to Doude Guo them! Your identity will no longer need to hide the truth, and you say that out of it! Su Dongqing and wood pontoon then has to listen confused, I do not know what they’re talking about. Then just listen to the moon said: nike free run 3 womens Surely I do not know what it? Wooden pontoon laughed: The girl if willing to say, it is better.

Wood pontoon to think just Yanyun said the little girl to the moon, shocked, discoloration Road: murder does not have to have a month, for a month it certainly kill! President Bangzhu you kill? Heard the moon, a rolling his eyes helplessly: Mr,nike air max 2013 mens. Wood, your imagination a bit too rich now! Who told you, moon killer kill must be the full moon night? nike free run sale kill seats Bangzhu still standing here nonsense do you? Twelve years ago, nike free run 3 womens is only five, yeah! Seats Xinghai can kill it? Wooden pontoon heard this old blushed, embarrassed and said: I’m sorry, old lady anxious moment gaffe also please the girls do not take offense go. The moon regardless wooden pontoon where an apology and self-serving, said: nike free run 3 womens Although the former hunter League of killer,new nike air max 2013, but now anti-hunter League, and nike free run 3 womens completely broke off.
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Saturday, May 4th, 2013

However,nike free run womens, Li Tsung-jen will never acquiesced others to get involved in Hunan, and thus drive Lu became the established policy of the Clique. Ludi Ping was originally confidant Tan Yankai, Tam since Chiang comeback and then gradually alienated with the Clique, Lu by Li Tsung-jen moderation in nominal terms, but actually Guangxi dubious. Li Tsung-jen, down to the beginning of the process, in order to stabilize the political situation in Hunan, inconvenience immediately launched an attack to Lu, only in the dark to do something to achieve diversionary purposes. nike free run 2 Deliberately and appointment original Tang Shengzhi of thirty-fifth Corps, any key will clear Township,nike air max 2013 mens, Hunan Province Office became clear Township supervision of Lu Diping the deputy.

Roots to from pin down,cheap free run 2, bent to any key extrusion Hunan. At this point, the Red Army led by the Communist Party of China in Hunan-Kiangsi border Jinggangshan base, mobilize the agrarian revolution, the establishment of the red regime, posing a great threat to the rule of the Kuomintang. Hunan Lu Diping and Jiangxi Zhu Peide to the Nanjing government proposal would destroy the Red Army. In November 1928, Nanjing approved of Lu Diping will destroy plan,new nike air max 2013, the appointment of Lu’s Hunan and Jiangxi destroy commander, deputy commander Lu’s proposal to appoint any key.

Conspiracy of Lu Diping the support of Chiang Kai-shek,free running 2,nike air max 2013, to weaken the impact of the Clique Hunan, Jiang determined to foster the Tan Department of Lu Diping,, its transport a large number of arms and ammunition. He Jian know the Ludi Ping will be self-defeating, and would not immediately became acting commander-in-chief post, but went to Wuhan Li Tsung-jen discuss countermeasures. Li Tsung-jen know Lu Diping behind the support of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Kai-Fu Lu refused, in fact, is directed at the Clique from. Therefore, Li Tsung-jen is determined before the dissolution of the Wuhan Branch of political arrangements inverted Lu plans as soon as possible.
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Sunday, April 28th, 2013

The enemy cannon set up, the first alignment Wolf group artillery positions, and I saw a flash in the air flying over, artillery positions immediately, causing the startled roar earthquake earth shaking. Xiao Yunfei face instantly became very ugly, so violent enemy artillery, cheap nike free run shoes completely understand this so hard to build up artillery, is basically finished. Operation nike free run 2 fuckin killed these foreign devils! Wolf group soldiers in the trenches, see Artillery with the enemy shelling, there is naturally very angry, roaring toward the enemy shooting. PS: like friends to vote collection! Dense virgin forest, and a night of the month, the mountain road years is not good to go, Xiao Yunfei can still flying stride down the sweat on his forehead, DC, even the eyes are blocked. But all this is not important, important is the back of the person, the spirit has begun confused, and paste it in the body of the body, one will be cold for a hot, seeing is going to not survive.

Xiao Yunfei know at this time, and certainly can not drink water, a drinking water will most likely killed,new nike air max 2013. But hear Qi Er cry of pain, Xiao Yunfei could not bear, so Xiao Yunfei Qi Er on the floor, he took the gun on the bayonet, light wrist cutting knife, drop a few drops of blood to her Run Run the lips. You wake up, you to hold nike free run sale, nike free run 2 not let you die. Xiao Yunfei holding her body, screaming loudly. Qi Er that lax eyes lose their luster as early as blue skin resumed Scarlet, evidently toxins longer spread, fever or to human life. nike free run 2, nike free run 2 hate you …… Song Qi muttered about her, Xiao Yunfei under to listen to real, not help reach out and give yourself two slap in the face, shouted: as long as you live, nike free run 2 let you, let you hate is not enough to do! Xiao Yunfei back of her resume hurry and do not know how long to go, finally appeared in front of the fire.

Original the Sagong Ming with a battalion of soldiers rushed to the scene. Come on, driving her to the medical team. Xiao Yunfei breathing heavily, watching the soldiers carrying a stretcher away, Xiao Yunfei leaning on the trunk of the tree, take a deep breath after a few breaths, sighs: you must be alive ah! Sagong Ming went up to him and patted him on the shoulder and said: you go to a break! Xiao Yunfei shook his head and said: okay now. Already three o’clock. Sagong Ming replied. Xiao Yunfei surprised: one hour! Troops collection of how well? The Sagong Ming nodded: ah! Full eight hours and ten, to worry about dead nike free running Guard platoon soldiers out early, but you did not come out, nike free run 2 are very worried! Forces things you do not control it, today, tomorrow morning out of it! Now go back and take a break, and I will let bodyguard, meal delivery to your past.

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