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Judgment Day, as foretold by the Terminator series, must be near. We sent a robot to Mars earlier this week and it started tweeting back to us with facts about the mission. It also engaged in some banter with Sesame Street and dropped the popular “I m in you!” Internet meme are nike free run sneakers good for distance running. It s like a titanium version of Kevin Smith.

And it s also the best thing NASA could have done nike shoes for men.

What was probably started as a joke in one of the JPL s meetings (probably by the guy with the mohawk) has turned into one of the biggest PR coups NASA has had in years. People love the tweeting rover, even if it s not precisely the rover that s tweeting cheap free run. You can tell them that the Curiosity rover cost $2 nikeid free run 4.5 billion and they will say nike shoe release dates, to a man, that the money was well-spent because they are now emotionally involved womens nike free run 3.

The American people haven t been emotionally involved in a space mission since the Hubble Space Telescope, and that s the fundamental reason why we barely have a space program today nike free black sole.

Let me give you some background nike free run trainer. I grew up in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center nike store free shipping code 2012, yet had only been on the property a handful of times nike air max tn, even though plenty of my friends parents worked out there and could arrange passes. Why go out there and deal with the people and security if you could simply walk out your front door nike shoes catalog, as I could, and watch the most complicated machine ever built shake your neighbors windows nike free run womens 3?

The current malaise of America s space program offered a rare opportunity for my family to take another trip to Kennedy Space Center recently nike store free shipping code 2012 uk. We strode past gates that few people went beyond when I was a kid nike free 4.0 womens. “Shoot first nike vomero 5, ask questions later” kinds of places nike shoes. All for the price of a tour ticket nike sb. No background check nike shoes for women free run. No perusal of identification. Children received a discount, so we took my 3-year-old daughter.

The Vehicle Assembly Building was the largest building in the world by volume when it was completed black and pink nike free. I have actually visited one of the buildings that surpassed it customize nike free run shoes, the Boeing assembly building near Seattle, and I met it with a “meh nike run free shoes for men?” I knew what impressive buildings looked like (I passed the VAB on the way to the beach or the mall as a kid), and Boeing s overgrown warehouse wasn t impressive. An open cube 52 stories high was impressive.

Our tour guide made it a point of telling us that NASA still considers the VAB the world s largest one-story building nike vomero 5 & 6 review. Like that will ever be a question on “Jeopardy nike store coupon codes free shipping!”

What saddened me wasn t the fact that a man with a speaker attached to him was leading us around this iconic structure (again, a place stray tourists would have been shot 10 years ago), his voice echoing around one completely vacant hangar bay, but that the adjacent hangar bay wasn t vacant at all nike running free shipping.

Parked at an angle nike free runs 4.0, as if someone had left the engine running and was just jumping out for a quick second to pick up something at 7-11, was the Space Shuttle Discovery (of course, the engines weren t actually left running nike 3 free; we would have been incinerated).

It wasn t hanging from the massive cranes attached to the roof nike id free shipping, as it had been while being fitted to its fuel tank and rockets for each of its 39 missions nike running shoes. It was simply cast aside, waiting for its ride to the Smithsonian. It might as well have had a handicapped parking tag on the rear-view mirror sale nike free 3.0.
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