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but even the wardrobe staple gets a fashionable twist now and then

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Lulu Skidmore works for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai and the Defense Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The Maktoum family,ray ban, which has ruled Dubai since the 1830s, has for decades been among the most powerful forces in the world of horse racing. Sheikh Mohammed himself owns more thoroughbred racehorses than anyone else in the world, and during a typical year in British competition the horses fielded by the Maktoum family’s Godolphin Stables claim the greatest number of wins,ray ban.

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Leading scores: 83pts: Ian Ellis (Costessey Park) and Randy Reynolds (Fakenham) 39 44. 80: Jason Levermore (Clacton) and Murray Rose (Sunningdale) 37 43, Michael Coneybeare (unattached) and Adam Bartlett 39 41,ray ban. 78: Mark Baker and Steve Wynne (Colchester) 41 37.
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