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body every day to call into the complex composition of the air, eating a variety of foods, and so on, although many nutrition absorption, but there are a lot of impurities with ingested down in our body for a long time accumulate a large garbage needs to be expelled. Teach you how your internal organs “clean”.


heart is healthy. Only heart health, so that the body can play a normal physiological function.
heart of
check whether cleaning

tongue ulcers. Chinese medicine believes that the tongue and heart is most closely related, so long ulcers on the tongue, usually considered to be the heart within the fire or burning.

2, forehead Changdou. The forehead is the heart of the jurisdiction of a territorial shanghai massage, Firelight strong as fire, poison, this dependency will be boiling, so come and go a lot of acne.

, palpitations. Heart in a non-stop work, when the burning stay in the heart can not be excluded, the sleep is not stable.

, chest tightness or tingling. Heart stasis is also a toxin, like a traffic jam on the highway, some light is chest tightness, some of the sting occurs.

how clean the garbage in the heart

hardship detoxification. Devaluation lotus core, it is bitter, can diverge Firelight, although there are cold, but it will not damage the body’s yang, it has always been considered the best to resolve the cardiac toxic heat food. Tea with lotus seed core, may wish to add some bamboo or raw licorice, lotus seed cores can enhance the detoxification.

press the heart detoxification main point. This means less government points, position in the palm, between the fourth and fifth metacarpal, fist between the little finger and ring finger. Pressing the acupuncture points may wish to use some force, alternating left and right.

, mung bean diuretic detoxification. Green beans can be a diuretic, heat the way to resolve and discharge the heart of toxins, but when eating green beans to use liquid form, such as green or green bean soup, bean cake effect will be worse.

11:00 to 13:00
is the heart of most of the time, you can eat a heart-protecting, to help detox foods, such as Poria, nuts, soy, black sesame, jujube, lotus shanghai massage outcall.

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Second, liver

liver is responsible for the detoxification function of the liver is involved in the body’s internal regulation. A lot of food can contribute to the rows of liver toxicity, people often love to say “Liver eyesight, a good liver, will have a pair of beautiful eyes.
liver of
check whether cleaning in popularity of health knowledge

nail surface protruding ridge, or down to depression. Chinese medicine believes that the liver reinforcement, the nails are part of the “ribs”, so the toxins accumulate in the liver, nails, there will be a clear signal.

, breast hyperplasia, significantly increased breast tenderness before. Breast belongs to the liver through the line on the route fortress, once the liver by the “poison”, then produce, especially when the blood is about to be discharged, due to blood Chong Sheng become obvious pain.

emotional prone to depression. The liver is the organ in vivo regulation of emotions, once the liver toxicity can not be discharged, blocking the operation of gas, it will have significant adverse emotions.

4, migraine headaches, acne on both sides of the face, will appear. On both sides of the face and lower abdomen, the liver through the gall bladder and its partner, the third of an acre, once the liver detoxification mirthless own backyard will be the first fire.

How to clean liver

eat blue food. Chinese Five Elements theory, green food can be accessible liver, play a very good liver qi stagnation, relieve emotional effect, is to help the liver detox food. Chinese medicine experts recommend blue orange or skin made of green and orange juice or green lemonade, like drinking directly.

2, wolfberry to enhance the tolerance of the liver. In addition to detoxification, but also should enhance the ability of the liver against toxins. This food devaluation wolfberry, it has good liver protection, you can enhance the tolerance of the liver toxin. Eating a day, eat a little to chew and eat the best.

3, press the main point for liver detoxification. This refers to Taichong, location in the dorsum of the foot first and second metatarsal depression before. Rubbing with the thumb 3 to 5 minutes, I feel a slight soreness. Do not use too much effort, two feet alternately press. 3721 Health Network (

tears detoxification method. Compared to never cry of men, women live longer, it must be said and tears. Chinese medicine has long been this understanding, but also confirmed by Western medicine. As the tear fluid excretion, as with sweat and urine, which does have some harmful chemical and biological toxins. So sad, the wronged, the depression will simply Kuchu come. For those optimist weekend afternoon to see a tragic movie, tears flowing as the plot is a pro-active way of detoxification.

5, eat GQ. Ganoderma lucidum can promote liver metabolism of drugs, toxins, the exact effect of toxic hepatitis. Especially chronic hepatitis shanghai escort, Ganoderma lucidum can significantly eliminate dizziness, fatigue, nausea, liver discomfort and other symptoms, and can effectively improve liver function, so that the indicators tended to be normal. Therefore, Ganoderma lucidum can be used for the treatment of chronic poisoning, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver dysfunction.
the -1 point between 23:00
liver detoxification time, this time sleeping can not stay up late.

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