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These days almost each person can afford a car and, as a consequence, takes it for granted. As a consequence , we seldom seem to reflect upon its creation. Hence we would like to dedicate this content to the beginnings of possibly the most helpful gadgets ever – a car. It is supposed that the very first steam-powered vehicle was invented in China in 1672, still, there seem to be no proofs. Check Home appliances. As a result, a man named Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot is generally known as the inventor of the initial automobile, which occurred in the 16th century. As for mass production of automobiles, it wasn’t until the XX century. The truth is that Ransom Olds began a worldwide production line in 1902. Ransom Olds is believed to be an American pioneer when it comes to the automobile industry. Later, Henry Ford started his mass production of cars named after his surname. Then in 1920s almost all cars were produces on a large scale like today. Thanks to this practice, we do not have to wait ages for our beloved car, but simply go to a car dealer and order a given model.

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