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Presently almost each person has a vehicle and, consequently, takes it for granted. Thus , we do not appear to think about its introduction. Thus we would like to assign this text to the initiation of possibly the most meaningful gadgets around the world – a mechanical vehicle. It is supposed that the very first steam-powered vehicle was designed in China in 1672, but, there seem to be no testimony. Check Cars. Therefore, a person named Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot is generally known as the creator of the first automobile, which took place in the 16th century. Talking about mass assembly lines of mechanical vehicles, it wasn’t until the twentieth century. To be exact Ransom Olds started a general production line in 1902. Ransom Olds is believed to be an American pioneer when it comes to the automobile industry. Later, Henry Ford started his mass production of cars named after his surname. Then in 1920s almost all cars were produces on a large scale like today. Thanks to this practice, we do not have to wait ages for our beloved car, but simply go to a car dealer and order a given model.

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