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Wang Lin seemed still very pleasing, his heart he scolded: Mother, you want to rely on you I, you, you piece of material when Brigadier, when soldiers failed. The tortured two Xiao Yunfei ready, of Chan Tat suddenly wretched smile: Red House to several fledgling want to go to the open ocean dirty, my treat how,2013 nike air max. I do not tell her aunt still does not work. Besides, you do not, I do not say that the custody she would not know. Wang Lin, excitedly nodded then worries Road: even though you’re going to be when Brigadier, but I was not worried about the war, if the students in advance, your new two brigade timely follow behind the seventy-nine Division case nike free run womens full The army was lost, you do not pity you? Chan Tat laughed: uncle that you always thinking about those two ladies! Yes, good taste. However, you can rest assured, free run nike shoes The barracks is Deqing there but my father’s three regiments stationed, and Deqing ordnance bitter, but plenty of ammunition, my trip to when not set up successful , I will personally go to that led by the Second Regiment troops up custody will not drop the ball.

Chan Tat is naturally very pleased, smiled and said: It’s still worried, nike free run shoes chic some say. Xiao Yunfei after listening to the two men conspired, the reigning Anhen, the door came out, and flew into the house when he was about to report! Xiao Yunfei quickly hid scared Flower Stand down. , Xiao Yunfei do not know, upstairs has long been a gun standard of his head, and fortunately he just did not move, otherwise he probably already is a body. Xiao Yunfei attention completely by Wang Chen the duo attracted, it is also not aware of the dangerous head. However, he see two guys with the soldiers sped away, can only sigh: The operator free run nike shoes to dogs shipped, next time, do not let me see you. Xiao Yunfei see two men had gone, not by the heart of a dynamic, thought there has been no one ready to pilfering some the Ye Hao Diminshing hearts of foul smells. Xiao Yunfei climbed into the back of the house, to see inside the luxurious, the reigning big sigh luxury.

The second floor is better luxury than downstairs, the ground is made of Fairview, wall hung with a variety of luxury lighting, Xiao Yunfei not seen these, but certainly very valuable to understand these things. After the revolution of the second floor, Xiao Yunfei suddenly heard a sound of water crashed in the room, could not help the probe to go cautiously. On the probe into the room in his head, a revolver held in his head, Do not move, or blame womens free run shoes gun. A female voice coldly Xiao Yunfei to scare Mongolia,new nike air max 2013. Do not, this sister Do not shoot, free run nike shoes is not stealing, free run nike shoes labyrinth to get to here …… Xiao Yunfei not finished even do not believe that the woman was Puchi first laughed. Your kid, can really pull, say, you are not the seventy-nine Division,cheap nike air max 2013. The woman’s laughter let Xiao Yunfei calm a lot, at least, realize that people do not want to kill yourself.
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