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It does not matter, big brother shot as jeremy scott instinct hi beaten the crap out of. Well, Huang Fei left jeremy scott instinct hi black convention, three days after cheer to the martial arts. Three days later, Huang Fei early to Hong Quan martial arts. Master or did not come back, but up and down the martial arts of one mind, gearing up, ready meal nice to each other. Huang Fei also saw Big Brother. Big Brother called Zhouxing Wu, 31 years old, looks very strong, his hands covered with calluses, appears to be a master. Afternoon, taekwondo challenger to a full dozen people, all of them cocky, totally not these not in the martial arts master looked down on.

The the Huang Fei seen xingyiquan division,jeremy scott instinct hi shoes, Li Zhong Yi and Taekwondo master Chen Tang, song than the bucket, know not to underestimate the opponent, just do not know and the contest in Zhouxing Wu is what level, if it is a black belt master, then the outcome is not easy to say. Sure enough, the other wearing a black belt around the waist. We do not know the Black Belt paragraphs, but Huang Fei secretly Zhouxing Wu deeply concerned. Contest began boxing shelf Zhouxing Wu, Huang Fei very familiar with, it is the word crouching tiger boxing. First, Big Brother Zhouxing Wu sights, played a very impressive set of word crouching tiger punch extremely skillful, strength and speed are strong, and even Huang Fei word crouching tiger boxing does not consider herself opponent.

Sure enough, not long before, Zhouxing Wu could not withstand barely catch the other foot back a dozen paces, stop there,adidas jeremy scott, chest Jichuan endless. Huang Fei know that he has lost the battle. Zhouxing Wu also be battles, but opponents contemptuously shook his finger Road: jeremy scott instinct hi black does not work, or for individuals. Oh, by the way, the K} forgot jeremy scott instinct hi black Master is not it. Then they laughed,jeremy scott adidas shoes, the rest of the people laughed. Martial arts crowd anger can not mortgages, have cried on stage at the lessons of this arrogant guy. Big Brother Zhouxing Wu step down, for silence,adidas jeremy scott wings.

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