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David Windest l of Sweden had a different idea. What if, instead of just sending a camera into space customize nike free 5.0 womens, he sent running nike free coupon? Well pink nike free run shoes, technically an RC model plane. Here’s how he did it:

Start with a model airplane

Windest l picked the an RC plane with enough interior space to hold the gadgets he wanted to add.

Add a video transmitter

The video transmitter allows for first-person-view remote control flying reviews of nike free sneakers. Essentially, it gives the controller a view from the camera mounted inside the cockpit, allowing Windest l to fly the plane as though he were on board. Windest l chose the , a transmitter with an overheating problem that actually becomes an asset in the cold of space.

Cut the balloon

The most inventive part of Windest l’s design is the mechanism that releases the plane from the hydrogen balloon that carries it to space running shoes nike free shipping. While it didn’t work perfectly in flight shop nike dunks, the device is still a good solution to a tricky problem. When the balloon that is carrying the plane gets high enough, it will inevitably burst as the gas inside expands beyond the ability of the balloon to contain it. When that happens sale nike free mens, the tangle of balloon risks getting in the way of the radio antenna and covering the camera. Not fantastic. To try to cut the plane loose from the balloon before that happened purchase nike free 5.0 v4 leopard, Windest l tied a wire around the string holding the balloon, and then at the flick of a switch ran more electricity through the wire than it was rated for, causing it to burn through the rope over the course of 10-30 seconds.

Enjoy the fall

After the modified FunJet disconnected from the balloon, it began plummeting toward Earth. Windest l got control of the plane after 20 minutes and was able to fly it back to the ground, steering it past a road before gracelessly striking a tree pink nike free run+ 3 women’s running shoes. Watch the video below:

Windest l put together describing how he constructed his space plane review nike free everyday 2. One word of caution: Helium is very expensive in Sweden, so Windest l instead used highly flammable hydrogen to inflate his balloon customize nike free run 5.0. If hydrogen in balloons sounds familiar, that’s probably because of the replica nike shox free shipping, an airship which caught fire and exploded in 1937. Windest l recommends against using hydrogen promo code for nikeid free shipping, and I can’t agree more.

A long-time educator at Elk Point-Jefferson School District is saying goodbye after more than five decades in the classroom sale nike free 3.0 v2.

Delores Vondrak is leaving behind a legacy really cheap nike free runs, especially with her special education students run free nike.

We ve gotten to know each other so well, Zach Hurley said.

Hurley and Vondrak spend a lot of time together runner’s world nike free 3.0, as she helps him succeed in three classes.

She ll just cheer me up. She always somehow gets me to smile and it s like, man running nike free website, I didn t want to smile yet nike run 2, Hurley said.

After 55 years teaching at Elk Point-Jefferson shop nike acg, Vondrak will retire next week.

She spent her entire career in the district, the first 28 years as a Home Ec teacher and the other 27 as a special education aid.

What do I like the most about teaching shoes nike free run 2? Because the students are very interested and there is never a day exactly the same, Vondrak said.

With such a lengthy career orange nike free run 3, Vondrak has taught the grandparents of her current students. She even taught Elementary Principal Doug Brusseau s father.

She s had a lasting effect on the people that she s had in the classroom pink nike free, Brusseau said.

And since her start in 1958 pink and black nike free run 3, Vondrak s seen big changes to the classroom replacement nike free insoles.

We never had copy machines like we do now, Vondrak said pink and grey nike free runs. Then the computers came in and these little kids now have computers in the lower grades while us older people, middle-aged people, however you want to say it, we weren t brought up with that.

One thing that won t change after retirement customize nike freeze, Vondrak s willingness to help others. She plans to spend her days volunteering.

But for her students, they aren t just losing a teacher on sale nike free, but a friend.

She always gets me to smile and I m going to miss that sale nike free women, Hurley said running shoes nike free.

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