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God cloud … this guy is not supposed to a few friends, with the rainy heart only limited understanding, not better, but did not like Lee turquoise, and rainy the heart tugging back and forth. After all, this guy was all day busy Reading books, as well as pound. But the cloud of God which for so many years, in addition to the outside the rainy heart loved ones and Lee turquoise, only disregard the rainy heart face imprint. Face Unfortunately, mercy, or disgust, just to see ordinary people almost never seen adidas jeremy scott panda. Of course, this is the personality of the cloud of God, even if is renowned the body sore head and foot pus beggar, as long as it does not smell the odor, the cloud of God will see each other as ordinary people. Because of this, the rainy heart is more the cloud of God, have a good impression as an ordinary friend. But I never thought, actually this guy, followed by the adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk closest brother, favorite stone brother together changed the fate adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk of the adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk into a fork.

Looks like just from the house to come out. She has been in this house? But before how did not see her? Lee turquoise slightest doubt, then they come to realize: God cloud … a cloud of God this guy adidas x jeremy scott panda bear just certainly illusionist Yan Qu wandering sister’s stature, so that a person could not see the wandering sister, had personally clothes sent. After the evening. Uh, mahjongg the turquoise, God cloud, rainy heart, Peart. Just staring at Peart has been tossed back. Because, behind several flower fairies sister playing chess, that pawn Perak Bala ringing, dolphin pawn on the chessboard. However, Peart, this guy is a human being, have not seen a flower fairy figure. Before you see the cloud of God and greet the air, enough adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk scalp tingling,jeremy scott adidas shoes, had been able to see the pieces kept twitching.

God smiles: Peart, take it easy, all right, just a few invisible man playing chess there only cloud. Is … is not it? Mr. God,jeremy scott x adidas, are you sure, this,jeremy scott adidas bones, this is not a ghost? Ah, adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk guarantee, is definitely not a ghost. Even if a ghost, is absolutely beautiful and kind and gentle and lovely ghost never harm, but to see you so nervous way, adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk down three allows you to relax idea of ​​the point, you like to try? adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk you knocked dizzy Well, rest assured, adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk will be very gentle. Mr. ……………… God, you said it. Well, and the third is adidas jeremy scott panda bear uk play a. Mahjong, but we China’s cultural legacy. : The so-called big bet, but flutter builds. Let a little bet on a few. In this way, with keen interest, your focus over …… Well, this is called divert attention ** with the week Sparkle a Laohantuiche dug warheads with the same purpose.

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