XBM-2012 hot sell stainless steel vegetable and fruits drying machine

Detailed Product Description

The drying machine can be used to dry fruits, vegetables including bamboo shoots,jaw crushing machine aquatic products such as fish and shrimp.

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Vegetable drying machine

The STJ-A2.2 drying machine can be used to dry fruits, vegetables including bamboo shoots, aquatic products such as fish and shrimp, fungus like dried muchroom, etc.

The machine use the diesel kerosene as the heating source.


1 Easy operation, automatic temperature adjustment, air volume and pressure adjustable according to materials variety;

2 Wide applicability and practicability, suitable for all root-stem kind and leaf kind products, as well as sugar-containing products which can not be processed by belt type drying equipment;

3 Good hygienic conditions, easy cleaning and easy maintenance; parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel complying with HACCP processing requirements; the bottom of the drying box has a cleaning hole;

4 Reasonable structure, low noise and good working environment; the screen of the drying box made with special technology has good flatness; more uniformly distributed hot air increases yield of finished products.

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1 Capacity: about 400kg per three hours.

2 Power: 2.2kw.

3 Diesel or kerosene oil consumption: about 6L per hour

4 Blast volum: 6064CBM per hour

5 Size of the machine: 2100*1500*1500 mm

6 Weight:800kg

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