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The 29yearold appeared to be letting her hair down after a stressful week,adidas originals, which saw her fianc Tom Crane face a legal debacle over allegedly owing 18 months rent for a former flat.

The Daily Mirror reported that Crane emailed the landlord of the North London flat that he transfer the funds, but never did.

The tabloid claims the landlord now wants to take the DJ to court, but is unable to because he doesn have a forwarding address.

Favourite haunt: Sarah was at Gilgamesh nightclub last week too with her fianc Tom Crane (right)

A source close to Harding told the newspaper: was Tom flat and Sarah had her own flat nearby.

most couples she moved some possessions in but she had nothing to do with the rent,jeremy scott wings. This was the first she heard of the money owed,jeremy scott wings camo. Tom is to get it sorted today. couple celebrated their engagement party last month at the Brompton Club in South Kensington, but they haven yet decided on a wedding date.
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