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Certainly get that bastard hands and feet. , In addition to that bastard really can not think of who can come up with such a thing. Thinking, Lee turquoise I do not know the angry, still glad to do. If it is happy, but the cloud of God that bastard depriving jeremy scott adidas leopard kids well on the exam try, academic problems, so categorically can not be happy. To say angry, but because of the cloud of God that guy, jeremy scott x adidas originals leopard to grateful flower fairy sisters together, surrounded by the beauty around, and the future is still bright. Worked so hard to help people work, thus fame compared. Li turquoise felt, have the opportunity to become a hermit sitting on hundreds of millions of wealth, more exciting. In comparison, the sister of rain heart a big loss. Could have been the husband of their own destiny, with their blind love life, but … being the reincarnation of flower fairies, husband spend the main, this trend continues, maybe in the future there will be more long-term future.

Ignore him, ignore him, resolutely ignoring him! Li Songshi endured before the storm rushed him flat impulse. Li Songshi know, really more true from the cloud with God, he will still do not know crazy into what it was like. See Lee turquoise ignore him, God cloud slight sigh a sigh: really boring … Well, I know what you mean, not that want me to show you what special abilities thing. Then,jeremy scott adidas bones, his eyes revealing the look of memories: Suddenly, I remembered jeremy scott adidas leopard tail together nest mountain home in the rain, with the package dumpling pot eat, the stomach, could not help but hungry. God cloud waved his hand and the open space in front of the two, all of a sudden for no reason at a table, the table was rolling good wonton skin, next to a pot filled with dumplings, two tablespoons to spoon feed. A plate filled with a few wrapped dumplings. Year, jeremy scott x adidas originals leopard three and rainy heart is to use these things to make dumplings, dumpling skin because too hard to get, are directly buy wonton skin.

Li Songshi startled by startled, looked at that table, Q: This is … your body with fantasy novels often appear in the storage ring? Li turquoise looked up and down the cloud of God, seen him with a ring. Well, with an estimated other storage appliances. He thought, and so the cloud of God but chuckle loudly: storage ring? That may not necessarily. The jeremy scott x adidas originals leopard remember that you like to eat seafood, right? This dumplings did not point lobster meat, squid and the like into them, it is not enough fresh taste. Not as good as jeremy scott x adidas originals leopard plus some seafood. Well, the seafood is in the sea just to catch up, live jumping, it was tasty,jeremy scott adidas shoes. Lee the turquoise heard surprised a moment: you really want to make dumplings? Add a little seafood is also possible, however, what did you get fresh seafood? Cloud mysterious smile of God: the current fishing can do? Lee turquoise little puzzled. Then, Yiduo his right foot on the ground,jeremy scott shoes, light drink: water!

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