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Adidas Fever

The story is extremely short and sweet for the most part. It revolves around three friends that have a love for the sport of soccer. One of the friends is female while the other two are male. All three of them had played soccer during their teenage years for the most part.

It starts out with the female, Tchie, who is standing on the bleachers at this soccer stadium. It is about reminiscent of the past about the time she spent with her friends. In a sense, this is pretty much a character driven story in which the protagonist reflects upon the past. This is pretty much a short and sad story. It is the sad story that would get readers choked up on emotions. The main character is a female named Tchie. She drives the story of Adidas Fever by thinking about her two best friends. Unfortunately,adidas originals, the two friends had passed away due to some sort of event which is not described.

But, they made a promise to meet on the field no matter how many people there are. As a result, it is just Tchie sitting at the stadium all by herself. It is through the characters in which readers get a glimpse of the story. The characters actually bring life to this short and sweet story.

Artwork: A

This was pretty much a simple one shot for the most part. However, the artwork and illustrations managed to fill in the gaps of such a short story. Everything about this brief and short story was visually appealing from what I have seen. Overall, I have to say that the artwork and illustrations were fairly decent.

Overall: A

Do not judge a book by its cover. While the story of Adidas Fever is very brief,fake jeremy scott wing, it does tell quite the interesting story of friendship and camaraderie. Through the visual cues,buy jeremy scott, it gives readers the impression on is going on. For a short story, Adidas Fever tells a lot of things.
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