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May 8,nike run free 5.0, the main PLA Northwest Field Army in three different 9th the good Pingzhen east of the County, 11 in Yonghe town in the north of Cotoneaster Yap, Oda town, Pursuit Force to of Macartney aid and bell pine pummeled. May 12, Field Army main force back to the Guanzhong partition Malan, corner, high king of the town, to get rid of the of Macartney aid and bell pine entangled. The People’s Liberation Army of the Northwest Field Army forces are fighting to break out, only a force living outside the encirclement of the national army, nike free 3.0 v4 red is Nishino army forward – four vertical and police three brigade guard Seventh Regiment.

In the afternoon,nike run free, the police seven group of three battalions was led by Feng, head of Friends of the board early Sheng plateau, to the County county Nanshan Guojun bunker attack,womens nike air max 2013; the police commissar Xude Shan and deputy head of the Grouping about Design command of a battalion, two battalions and group directly under the team dismount lotus valley, to build fortifications in the west, the opened the siege trend. County, is a return to the Border road must pass through the main PLA Northwest Field Army,nike air max 2013 womens. This traffic point has been reorganized for the Tsing Ma reorganization of the eighty-second Division the ○ ○ brigade resident.

County,nike running free, the eighty second division reorganization, leaving only the immediate engineering battalion of about 300 people, and County Self-Defense Forces of about 1,300 people. Ten days ago, long Wu, of Bin County Zhangjiashan slope after the battle, the entire 82 the division division directly under the spy mission conveying even ordered Nishino six vertical cadres and soldiers escorting prisoners Zealand along the road more than 700 people came to the County, trapped by the People’s Liberation Army in the county. County suddenly besieged eighty second division of the County garrison tasks reorganization high participation Zhang Yan, intelligence chief Yang Zhenhua and directly under the engineer battalion battalion commander Tan Tengjiao the commander soldiers county gates all closed real; then county as the center, Nanshan, Dongshan to the temple floor, trenches, barbed wire and bunkers group to build a few lines of defense, which in Dongshan bunkers and Nanshan picture-sculpture,new nike air max 2013, firepower with the number of road.
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