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Qi deficiency how to adjust? Qi deficiency ate? Shortness of breath, fatigue, is a Qi deficiency, muscle and soft. Qi people breathless climb the same rise building, and others. This type of speech sounds low, always felt out of breath, not enough gas, sweat easily, as long as the physical strength to get tired, decreased defense capability, so easy. Below give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of Qi deficiency and then expounded Qi deficiency and how to adjust ate.

, Qi deficiency characterized
general characteristics: lack of vitality, fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration Qi performance as the main feature. The
physical characteristics: soft muscle. The
common manifestations: usually voice low, shortness of breath, easy fatigue, lack of energy, easy sweating, pink tongue, the tongue with scalloped edges, weak pulse. The
psychological characteristics: introverted, do not like to take risks. The
incidence trends: colds, visceral ptosis disease; slow convalescence. The
ability to adapt to the external environment: intolerance wind, cold, heat, dampness.

Qi deficiency how to adjust?

(a), food conditioning

eat more
a Spleen Qi role of food, such as soy beans, white beans, chicken, mushrooms, jujube, longan, honey. Eat less gas consumption of food, such as spinach, raw carrots.

1, Astragalus broiler: Take broiler a wash, yarn bag package exceedingly 9 grams of astragalus, take a thin line, fastened one end of the gauze bag, placed in the pot shanghai massage outcall, and the other end tied to the panhandle shanghai massage. Until the broiler chicken cooked in a pot, add ginger, green onions, and the amount of boiling soup, come up with Astragalus package. Add salt, rice wine to taste and serve immediately. Qi tonic. health literacy

mountain ones: together wok, add water yam 30 grams and 180 grams of rice porridge cooked Serve. This porridge is eaten daily dinner. This porridge with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yifei solid essence, the role of physical fitness. Recommended herbs: Poria, heterophylla, raw Astragalus, Chinese yam, Codonopsis, licorice, jujube, longan meat, Atractylodes, lotus seeds, yellow and other fine. 3721 Health Net

(b), living Conditioning

accommodation of
and do not overwork. Living should be a regular summer midday proper rest, an adequate amount of sleep. Usually keep warm and avoid labor or intense exercise sweating by wind. Do not be too labor, so as not to damage the upright shanghai massage girls.

(3), sports conditioning

movement should Rouhuan the. Do some Rouhuan movement, such as walking, tai chi, exercise, and perseverance. Should not be bigger and the movement of the load movement and a sweat, to Jiyong violently or do long suffocating action.

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