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I suffer from sciatica , and later found a form of exercise which can effectively alleviate the pain . The specific method is: standing , bent over 45 degrees, head Weitai , forward-looking eyes , relax , empty hands, fist , pat both sides of the hips from behind . Beginning to feel a little tired, to be slowly adapt , feeling no discomfort , you can increase the intensity , daily morning and evening to do a second , 200 every time (about 20 minutes ) , adhere to two months , you can markedly . Xuzhou, Jiangsu Luo Yu Fang

Orthopaedic Chongqing City ,
, hospital director of Chinese medicine practitioners Guo Jianhua Reviews :

Sciatica refers to pain in the sciatic nerve pathway and its distribution area , often in trauma, physical labor , after catching a disease or relapse .

the typical sciatica
performance of hip pain on one side and the back of the thigh , posterolateral leg , lateral foot radiation . Walking and changes in position can make the pain worse shanghai escort, the disease supine leg can not freely raise shanghai massage.

simple sciatica clinically rare , the majority of secondary sciatica , mainly due to the sciatic nerve pathway by stimulation of adjacent tissue lesions , compression or damage caused , such as lumbar disc herniation , lumbar spinal stenosis piriformis syndrome .

fist pat hip treatment of this disease , has a role in mitigation , can promote local tissue metabolism , accelerate blood circulation, promote the excretion and absorption of the pain caused by substances .

Note that , In the fist Pat hip , the way should be gentle , uniform massage in shanghai, gentle force in order to feel comfortable and appropriate .

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