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However,nike free run womens, Li Tsung-jen will never acquiesced others to get involved in Hunan, and thus drive Lu became the established policy of the Clique. Ludi Ping was originally confidant Tan Yankai, Tam since Chiang comeback and then gradually alienated with the Clique, Lu by Li Tsung-jen moderation in nominal terms, but actually Guangxi dubious. Li Tsung-jen, down to the beginning of the process, in order to stabilize the political situation in Hunan, inconvenience immediately launched an attack to Lu, only in the dark to do something to achieve diversionary purposes. nike free run 2 Deliberately and appointment original Tang Shengzhi of thirty-fifth Corps, any key will clear Township,nike air max 2013 mens, Hunan Province Office became clear Township supervision of Lu Diping the deputy.

Roots to from pin down,cheap free run 2, bent to any key extrusion Hunan. At this point, the Red Army led by the Communist Party of China in Hunan-Kiangsi border Jinggangshan base, mobilize the agrarian revolution, the establishment of the red regime, posing a great threat to the rule of the Kuomintang. Hunan Lu Diping and Jiangxi Zhu Peide to the Nanjing government proposal would destroy the Red Army. In November 1928, Nanjing approved of Lu Diping will destroy plan,new nike air max 2013, the appointment of Lu’s Hunan and Jiangxi destroy commander, deputy commander Lu’s proposal to appoint any key.

Conspiracy of Lu Diping the support of Chiang Kai-shek,free running 2,nike air max 2013, to weaken the impact of the Clique Hunan, Jiang determined to foster the Tan Department of Lu Diping,, its transport a large number of arms and ammunition. He Jian know the Ludi Ping will be self-defeating, and would not immediately became acting commander-in-chief post, but went to Wuhan Li Tsung-jen discuss countermeasures. Li Tsung-jen know Lu Diping behind the support of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Kai-Fu Lu refused, in fact, is directed at the Clique from. Therefore, Li Tsung-jen is determined before the dissolution of the Wuhan Branch of political arrangements inverted Lu plans as soon as possible.
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