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If the other party to a lion in this regard, a large opening, Lee turquoise may no money to make white place to the other, can not receive profits, not daring to reclaim the space, it may be in trouble. Meng Po’s identity, it seems very special, ah, Bai Wuchang adidas teddy bear shoes Meng Po child … So, Man Wah sister would like to know the inside story, it is not difficult. That ask her to be able to. His side silent, Bai Wuchang thought the Lee turquoise hesitate little profits from. Began lobbying Li turquoise say that thirty percent not seem like much, in fact, has been very scary. Each Chuan Songzhen annually generated net profit, enough to hold up a small consumption of the year of the martial art of self-cultivation. Moreover, if Li Songshi not satisfied, …… 30% can also mention a mention. Lee turquoise listening, smiled, suddenly want an idea on the Road: Well, the impermanence brothers need to consider, in two days, how to kids adidas trainers reply?

So be it Mr. Lee if you want, then with adidas teddy bear shoes for kids contact when kids adidas trainers need is accompanied by Mr. Li went to the government center plaza planes trading center dedicated to formal negotiations and signing Shi. The Lee Songshi smiled promised,jeremy scott shoes, and write down the contact information given by Bai Wuchang. After that, off the Bai Wuchang. The Lee Songshi looked around, several flower fairy sister observers, is the Man Wah sister mouth Shannon sister is not the rain heart sister, afraid to hide in her room? Li Song turned around and asked: Several sister,jeremy scott adidas for sale, who saw the Man Wah sister where you? Listen to the Cayman sister, she is back to get some fresh air Lethe Riverside, Shannon sister accompanied go two days back. The original green, the heart Li turquoise is some in a daze. To Lethe River relax? This is too weird, right? Lethe-sur …… land is a place to relax?

Lee Turquoise silent. And, two days before I came back, then, still have time to reply Bai Wuchang? Was thinking of the original green and said: However, Man Wah sister, she is the sister of Shannon together, if things look for kids adidas trainers ,jeremy scott x adidas, Shannon sister’s body to spend living in the notice, you can. Oh, I see. Since we can notice, it is fortunately. The Lee Songshi thinking, trouble the green help notice two flower fairies, and see if you can come back, he wanted to ask something. After the original green to Lengxiang the condensate body flower living, and Lee turquoise, a private garden space. Returned to Earth … Well, that took out the phone, dial a number. Dial tone sounds a few times, they came across an old man’s voice: Hello, Hello, kids adidas trainers is the young master’s butler Mock Fez, Will call Mr. Lee?

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