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Thinking: Yes, kids adidas trainers uk is Li turquoise, looking for Peart. , Please wait,jeremy scott adidas shoes. There came a noise, seems to be clutching his phone call port butler, who handed the phone. The the opposite suddenly came a young man’s voice sounds like it is falling into the hands of the sound . The Lee Songshi a bit speechless. This dignified heir of the Los family …… actually will sub-flattering? Furthermore, this ass, Li turquoise listening to a little blush, body goose bumps almost up, the other actually had so much fun talking, are skinned too thick? Turquoise Lee shook his head, filled with some surprise asked: are you waiting for kids adidas trainers size 10 phone? Peart, do you have something to find kids adidas trainers size 10? Oh, it touches nothing special, is very miss you. Oh …… this guy miss the chicken, instead of Lee turquoise.

kids adidas trainers sale how will then focus on the kind of chicken? In the eyes of these people, the whole world to live forever, not as good as the only kids adidas trainers size 10 several live forever? Well, is not to study that chicken Why give people life extension. Li turquoise confusion, no one to ask, just said: the chicken, take some time to cultivate. Oh, no problem. Almost without thinking, Peart directly agreed, and said: I am now ready to people, I personally bring people to see you …… Mr. Lee can slightly satisfy my curiosity, let me know, you what big business negotiations? As, kids adidas trainers size 10 is also convenient to do the preparation on the information. Li turquoise one, the reigning smiled softly: data preparation ,jeremy scott adidas wings…… Oh, fear is unlikely. Peart, one could not help but to pour a breath.

Or related information? Peart, a silent. His heart too many questions to ask, but now radio contact, although the line is confidential, but it seems still not insurance. Thus, on the Road: Lee wait, immediately, immediately, with the expert group to where you go. , We have to hang up the phone. Lee turquoise before you hang up the phone and saying: Do not do too much momentum? In case sensitive, would not be good for the local government. Side Peart, hung up the phone before scurrying towards the housekeeper next to the roaring: fast, fast, the family of the most elite think tanks and the negotiating team were all called to me. Regardless of kids adidas trainers size 10 busy, both stepped out of the stuff is still plugged into the bitch’s stomach, or the guy with which to talk about how many million or billions of business, should be kids adidas trainers size 10 give me all, all handle head down, came to me must be the fastest, those who slow,adidas jeremy scott wings, careful I collapse!

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