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the body’s yang hair growth after a winter of hibernation in the spring until it is strong. For the elderly, yang was reduced daily particular in the following five aspects of work and rest appropriately, in order to maintain the yang shanghai massage.

sedentary flesh wound. Long-term sitting, prone to muscle fiber atrophy, muscle weakness. Seat for the elderly, the action should be light, smooth, seated to correct posture, upper body upright and relaxed, natural flexion of the lower limbs, not the chest arched, not Rocker his legs. Sit for a period of time should be up and walking around massage in shanghai, pulled muscles and ligaments to relax.

long-established bone injury. Long standing does not move, the body weight by the lower limbs, prone to venous blood upward poor return, not only Jiaoruan enough anesthesia, the dorsum of the foot, ankle edema, and cause leg veins, arthritis and other diseases of the Ministry of waist and legs . Standing for the elderly, the body should be natural, smooth, straight, the natural sagging upper limbs, chest and abdomen, Do not tilt the upper body, lower limb even by force.

long injury lay gas. Sleep reduced metabolism, body surface and visceral vasoconstriction, slow blood flow, blood runs sluggish, could easily lead to a lack of energy. The old man’s bed should not be too soft to hard bed was softer and thicker cushion is appropriate, and 8 hours of sleep is enough.

long line of injured tendons. Informal stride, joints bones can get moderate exercise, there will be a good role in promoting the body’s metabolism, help to improve the body’s resistance to disease. But to do what, enough is enough, regardless of whether a long walk, prone hamstring sprains, falls, accident or other cardiovascular disease. www.jk3721 shanghai massage

long as the injured blood. Reading and ornamental landscapes, you can make a happy, healthy stomach, this is as the nourishing truth. “Long as the injured blood, must pay attention to grasp the sense of proportion. That mesh was blood and, as the “Old people eyes already were dim, but if overuse will not only damage the eye depending on the material, but also hurt the blood gas consumption, resulting in eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness, palpitations, . In general, the elderly over the age of 65, read a book, newspaper, magazine or TV time? 2 hours is appropriate.

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