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often see the word of qi, blood, body fluid, meridians, physical, what do these words mean? What is the significance of health? Let us look at the introduction of experts.
, gas, blood, body fluid


gas Yang. It is a circulation in the body organs, meridians and organs, has a strong dynamic microscopic substances, it is everywhere, everywhere, always promote and stimulate the body’s various physiological activities. The saying goes, “the living breath”, we can see the word “gas” represents a strong breath of life!

There are four basic forms of exercise, ascending, descending out into.

It consists of three parts: the clear air of congenital qi and acquired qi and lung. The birth of gas, that is their strength, from by kidney essence gasification Health, by the parents, hidden in the kidney, and acquired qi continue funding equivalent to the said genetic material – gene. Acquired qi, spleen and stomach diet cereal essence, not only funded vitality, Ru Yang body organs. Finally, coupled with clear air inhaled by the lung from nature, the “gas” is formed.
The gas
promoting and controlling these two complementary effect. 3721 Health Network (

promote: the gas is translated in English as “Energy”, showing that it was a word with energy, because it can contribute to human growth and development, metabolism, and promote tangible substances such as blood and body fluid body movement, to exclude human garbage, toxins.
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solid: means to prevent liquid substances in the body, such as blood and body fluids without cause loss of mention Solid maintain internal organs, so that it remains in the normal position, such as postpartum women prone to uterine prolapse because of postpartum uterine mucosa becomes loose, coupled with a blood injury, not properly nursed back to health so that qi deficiency, the fascia can not maintain the normal position of the uterus caused.

the addition
, the role of gas as well as defense, this role is called “Wei Qi”, by definition, a gas, is the body’s first line of defense to defend the body against foreign evil violated, and there are the control sweat pores opening and closing of the role of Wei Qi people will be sweating, easy. The gas can also inviting the body to maintain a constant body temperature, can promote the conversion between the various substances in the body.


blood and gas is a pair of the concept of yin and yang, their relationship ancients said: “The blood of the mother of gas, gas for the commander of blood.” blood from the spleen and stomach cereal essence derived from the diet massage in shanghai, Therefore, spleen and stomach qi and blood, the day after tomorrow, “said, it can nourish and moisturize the body organs, although the gas is also such a function, but in the final analysis, is done by pushing the blood. Normal blood nutrition nourishing function, people will ruddy, muscled, sturdy, skin and Maofa Run Ze, flexible body sensory and motor. The material basis of blood or human mental activity, “Huang Di Nei Jing Lingshu this God” said “pulse Scotia God,” Pulse “refers to the blood,” House “is the meaning of Tibetan homes, Chinese medicine various mental activities are collectively referred to as “God”. This sentence is to say, God is there attached to the blood shanghai escort, whatever the reasons for the formation of blood deficiency, blood heat and blood circulation disorders, are weary, memory, dreams, irritability symptoms are even visible spirit trance, anxiety, manic unconscious mental symptoms.

body fluid

body fluid is a general term for all normal body water solution shanghai massage outcall, including visible nose, tears, saliva, and do not see the gastrointestinal fluid secretion, intra-articular fluid. It can play moisture, the role of the Ru Yang body organs and tissues and organs.

the gas
, blood, body fluid is common to maintain the body’s normal physiological function of subtle substance.

the gas
, blood, body fluid constitute the basic material of the human body, it to play a role in the way the meridians. Depending on the functional activities of organs to the body through the meridians run, to maintain human life. 3721 Health Network (

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