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Molding machine is a common foundry machinery and equipment. Molding machine use, it should be aware of the operating points to ensure the safe use of the work. Molding machine with a lot of people are not very understanding, that as long as put into use, to function just fine. Proper and safe use of the molding machine,XBM molding machine to extend the working life, improve production quality. The safe operation of molding machine are: 1, molding machine use, molding machine operators should be familiar with mechanical parts, electrical parts, actions and processes, lubrication systems, as well as other specified equipment requirements. Tight sand molding machine program four steps: tap, put into pressure head, compaction, pressure head from the mold process put molding machine: table clamp, rod rises from the mold, removed sand box, reset the chassis department 2,ball mill the molding machine used, starting devices,ball mill they should first check the molding machine is perfect lubrication device in accordance with the provisions of refueling, check whether the tight fastening components, the operating handle is in the zero position (space), whether the valve action flexible pipe without leakage, and then open the valve let go of the line of the total product gas and water. 3, non-open empty, must be carried out under a load test to check the working condition is normal, and should be places where oil lubrication. Only after normal work test. 4, the molding machine used to carefully observe the functioning of the operation should always be lubricated with air blowing sand parts and operation parts, non-lubricated parts of the sticky sand. 5, the molding machine use, opening and closing valve when the handle to be smooth. 6, to complete a form for each table to clean up after work to shape the work of the second start. 7, the molding machine after use, to handle back to zero (empty) position, close the valve, cleaning equipment, cleaning the site, to maintain the equipment, the sliding (rotating) parts of the cleaning and lubrication, carefully collects and examines the tools, dies .

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