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After the failure of the second revolution, began a period of the Longji light ruled Guangdong. Longji light Who are they? free running nike shoes Not from Guangdong, nor is the direct descendant of Yuan Shikai, cheap nike free run Mengzi, born in 1867, Yi toast origin, became the Qing generals. In 1903 of Guangxi right Jiang Daoyin repressive societies uprising. Any Longzhou Bingbei Road in December 1907, with the Lu Rongting the Ministry, the repression of Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Hu Hanmin, Huang Mingtang held town of South Gate uprising, was promoted to Admiral,2013 nike air max,, Guangxi.

Things completed,nike free run, Chunxuan Sonata quasi Qing government, the Ministry of numbered 30 Guard battalion camp, known as the economic forces. In June 1911, Longji light transferred to Guangdong, Marshall became the twenty-fifth control the town. The Guangdong independent captaincy Hu Han-min To prevent economic Military trouble, the Longji light tune Ren Gaolian the Leiqiong XuanFuShi. Subsequently, Chen Chiung-ming turn economic Army transferred to Wuzhou, to make this specializes in the army to suppress the revolution can be preserved and continue to develop. Second revolution when the Longji light rate economic forces attack Guangdong, occupation of Guangzhou, served as the military governor of Guangdong and Chief District long, and granted the army, and later granted to the general government Zhenwu general, troops renamed Zhenwu military.

At that time the newspaper expose the Guangdong ninety-four County No one from the disaster,nike free running, no one was their disaster. Kill as much than the Zhu Qing ‘Yangzhou ten days’, ‘Jiading three Tu’ worse, or Hunan Tom Butcher (Tang Xiang Ming) of fifty-six out of ten., Guangdong, more than three thousand million compatriots, no old and the young, men and women, no one hated the dragon’s. The Longji light everywhere adhering to the Yuan will also actively support Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself emperor activities. Monarchy, Long Ji has been called the first-class the public plus Dukes title.

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