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free running nike shoes Invitation to Shen Jun, Shen Jun Xun State (Guiping) to send representatives to participate in the peace conference. Shen Hong Yingli dispatch front commander Deng right text rate a division of the public to attend the meeting. Lee, yellow,2013 nike air max,, white representatives is eloquent and resourceful Pai Chung-hsi. Xun State Convention is not impossible to solve the fundamental problem between Lee, yellow, white, and Shen Hongying, who is master Guangxi highest sovereignty. After the meeting, Lee, yellow, white Liuzhou returned to Shen Hongying, cheap nike free run conflicts to ease for a while, but the crux of the contradictions still exist.

December 1, 1924, Shen Hongying suddenly was inaugurated in Liuzhou, Guangxi founding of the military commander-in-chief. Guangxi, Shen Jianguo Army Commander-in-Chief of the post, it was in the end of February nike free run again to take refuge in the Sun Yat-sen, ready to return in triumph to the appointment Guangxi the crusade when the Lu Rongting of by the Sun Yat-sen, cheap nike free run has not been inaugurated as. Took office suddenly announced its intention was simply trying to seize the initiative in the political crusade against Li, yellow, white manufacturing basis. Since the founding of Guangxi Army Commander-in-Chief of the post is appointed by Sun Yat-sen, cheap nike free run officially took office, that cheap nike free run orthodox Guangxi highest military leaders itself and the grounds of a unified military power, Guangxi, Li, yellow, white obey cheap nike free run leadership and command.

Lee, yellow, white naturally know Shen Hongying conspiracy nike free running tit-for-tat measures taken. Two days after the Shen was inaugurated as the founding of Guangxi Army Commander-in-Chief, December 3, Li Tsung-jen, Huang Shaohong rush was inaugurated in Nanning shortly before Hu Hanmin appointed by the name of Sun Yat-sen in Guangxi province’s Department of appeasement supervision, will do the post. Li Tsung-jen, then energized to announce that its original Guangxi given Gui Route Expeditionary coalition headquarters and given Gui fight enemy forces in the name and designation must be abolished, adapted for the Guangxi 1st Army, Second Army.

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