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The enemy cannon set up, the first alignment Wolf group artillery positions, and I saw a flash in the air flying over, artillery positions immediately, causing the startled roar earthquake earth shaking. Xiao Yunfei face instantly became very ugly, so violent enemy artillery, cheap nike free run shoes completely understand this so hard to build up artillery, is basically finished. Operation nike free run 2 fuckin killed these foreign devils! Wolf group soldiers in the trenches, see Artillery with the enemy shelling, there is naturally very angry, roaring toward the enemy shooting. PS: like friends to vote collection! Dense virgin forest, and a night of the month, the mountain road years is not good to go, Xiao Yunfei can still flying stride down the sweat on his forehead, DC, even the eyes are blocked. But all this is not important, important is the back of the person, the spirit has begun confused, and paste it in the body of the body, one will be cold for a hot, seeing is going to not survive.

Xiao Yunfei know at this time, and certainly can not drink water, a drinking water will most likely killed,new nike air max 2013. But hear Qi Er cry of pain, Xiao Yunfei could not bear, so Xiao Yunfei Qi Er on the floor, he took the gun on the bayonet, light wrist cutting knife, drop a few drops of blood to her Run Run the lips. You wake up, you to hold nike free run sale, nike free run 2 not let you die. Xiao Yunfei holding her body, screaming loudly. Qi Er that lax eyes lose their luster as early as blue skin resumed Scarlet, evidently toxins longer spread, fever or to human life. nike free run 2, nike free run 2 hate you …… Song Qi muttered about her, Xiao Yunfei under to listen to real, not help reach out and give yourself two slap in the face, shouted: as long as you live, nike free run 2 let you, let you hate is not enough to do! Xiao Yunfei back of her resume hurry and do not know how long to go, finally appeared in front of the fire.

Original the Sagong Ming with a battalion of soldiers rushed to the scene. Come on, driving her to the medical team. Xiao Yunfei breathing heavily, watching the soldiers carrying a stretcher away, Xiao Yunfei leaning on the trunk of the tree, take a deep breath after a few breaths, sighs: you must be alive ah! Sagong Ming went up to him and patted him on the shoulder and said: you go to a break! Xiao Yunfei shook his head and said: okay now. Already three o’clock. Sagong Ming replied. Xiao Yunfei surprised: one hour! Troops collection of how well? The Sagong Ming nodded: ah! Full eight hours and ten, to worry about dead nike free running Guard platoon soldiers out early, but you did not come out, nike free run 2 are very worried! Forces things you do not control it, today, tomorrow morning out of it! Now go back and take a break, and I will let bodyguard, meal delivery to your past.

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