How to talk to a girl on the phone Tips to impress a girl on the phone_3

Don’t speak too fast else you are likely to sound as if the words coming out of your mouth are overlapping Cartier Glasses. A girl will not be impressed if she has to try hard to understand what you are saying cartier eyeglasses.

5) Speak with a confidence in your voice

Girl like guys with decently high confidence levels and you must let yours show through in your voice chanel iphone 4 case. You don’t need to behave like an alpha male and speak at the top of your voice while talking to her but you must be assertive so that your inner confidence shines through cartier glasses.

6) Listen more and speak less

Allow the girl to be the queen of the conversation Cartier Watches. Speak less and be a good listener waterproof iphone case. Lend the lady a patient ear and don’t act as if you are getting bored by listening to what she has to say cheap running shoes.

Put your logic aside and become a keen listener to the girl’s talks about gossip, friendship cartier tank watches, relationships, shopping and more.

See all 2 photos Don’t interrupt her and don’t take over the conversation cheap cartier watches. Allow the girl to be the star of the conversation david yurman jewelry.Source: Related articles:

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