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The Zhezhi Artillery Regiment, Looking at the entire empire Within that support the combat effectiveness of the artillery units,http://nikefreeruntest.metroblog.com/, able to match. Artillery regiment to the enemy positions on the first day, shot thousands of shells intimidation that nature is very obvious,http://adidascottjsbones.snappages.com/. Various armies in the field, but also the smooth advance of one kilometer, the entire plains, intricate trench channel the soldiers bent body, back and forth in the channel interludes. Kwangsi positions on the soldiers, watching enemy forces attack mode, there is a feeling of dumbfounded,http://www.cheapadidas.350.com/, has also had a sense of fear,http://adidaseremyspringsummer.zitecode.com/. nike free run can only stare viewing offensive nature is impossible, because cheap nike free runners For fear of Xiao Yunfei the Legion from the attack, and has long been on the forefront of, full of dense defensive traps and bamboo tip facilities, and made only adhere to, but not offensive,http://adidasstarjacket.soup.io/.

The enemy nike free run womens the two sides do not have any hand in the fire, be considered in a stalemate. 353 brigade, led by Han Yun,http://www.adidasjslogo.350.com/, according to the operational deployment,http://buynikeshoesonline.blinkweb.com/, the day quietly leave Wuzhou outside the camp, to the south of the new town began. Yunkai mountain is a mountain range stretching thousands of miles,http://nikefree30tropicaltwistsize8.blinkweb.com/, and the whole mountains often wound clouds, heavy rainfall, mountain forests Conglong. The dense forests and mountain steep, adding a lot of trouble to the march. Han Yun in the new town to find a few of the wizard, and then sent an advance camp the previous open the trails are well marked, and then the army was to follow the advance. Troops crossing the Yunkai big mountain, with a full day and a night time, the road several soldiers have been bitten by a snake, and good treatment in a timely manner, no casualties. Han Yun led the soldiers of the 353 Brigade, despite the fatigue, in the under rushed Yunan City, at 3 o’clock on November 4th hours.

When Han Yun led the main force arrives,http://nikefreeruns7.webnode.at/, reconnaissance troops have this town touched a two-Chu.nike free run cheap, Han Yun intelligence reconnaissance listening to back, gave the night life Sui Yunan starting offensive? Br> Yunan just a small town in the border of Guangdong and Guangxi, neither the city walls, the location is not very important, and therefore did not arrangement of regular troops, the city is only a local armed forces, the number is less than 300. Han Yun for a quick fix, it was only issued the order to attack the initiative. 353 Brigade were eight thousand Yushi Bing, to deal with such a small town, the soldiers naturally confident command what army surrounded and on City rounded out directly. After the gunshots, the basic regarded as the end of the battle. 10 places of the city,http://nikefree30v2heeltotoedrop.webnode.at/, armed forces, are sleeping the confused soldiers rushed into the enemy camp, and not enough time to take up guns when all captives.

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