Specializing In Energy Saving Biomass Briquettxingbangress Machine Hot In Russia

Detailed Product Description

biomass briquette machine

1.Diameter of briquette:60,70,80,90 mm

2.Wearproof for making briquette

3.CE approval

Specializing InEnergy Saving Biomass Briquettxingbangress Machine Hot In Russia

Biomassbriquette machine is used to make biomass materialinto half-charcoal-stick.It is equiped with the autocontrolling heating system.Thxingbangroduct of this machine can be used to heat boiler, fireplace,etc for warm in house.using the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials, through the screw extrusion, high txingbangerature, high pressure, the wood raw material to make micro-fiber lignin plastics combine to form a fuel rod.

Model Power(kw) Capacity kg/h Dia of Briquettes Size(m) Weight(kg)
HSZB-01 15+6 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 540/590
HSZB-02 11+6 gearbox 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 570/610
HSZB-03 22+9 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1000/1100
HSZB-04 22+9 gearbox 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1200/1300

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