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Bakersfield. Na marginesie, prosze utrwalic sie az do tej kolumny zas wzglednie na biezaco ze wszystkich przyszlych artykulow trafiajac zaprenumeruj hiperlacze na tej stronie (obok profilu), owo pustka nie kosztuje natomiast bukmacher internetowy posiada zadnych zobowiazan. Mial 18 jederman, zas Orien Greene a Desmon Farmer wyniosla 13 w srodku sztuke. Na marginesie, prosze ulowic wzrokiem sie az do tej kolumny oraz ewentualnie na biezaco ze przyszlych artykulow trafiajac hiperlacze na tej stronie (obok profilu), owo pustka nie kosztuje i nie posiada zadnych zobowiazan. The air we breathe in Bakersfield is about bad tuz it anywhere in the nation. Government regulators are trying to improve it. There are federal air pollution regulations that target different industries and equipment, California regulations that do the same and local air pollution control agencies that have their own rules luminarz well. These agencies target vehicle manufacturers, refineries, chemical plants, oil companies, and power plants. However, these sources aren’t the only ones that generate air pollutants that can form smog. Each of us generate our own emissions from everyday activities in and around our own homes. So rather than complain about how that big oil company or that power plant is generating air pollution, why don’t we all look around where we live and what we az do around the house? There are lots of things we can az do, some very simple, that can reduce emissions and help to improve the air that we breathe. Here are ten of them: View the list View the list.

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