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I had never owned a true pair of hiking boots?per say, but thought it was important to get something that could be used for all types of terrain as my family is very active.? From the moment I put the on, I knew I had something not only for the deep woods and long hikes, but also for street walking.?? The heel support was one of the best I have found in any shoe Nike Air Jordan Shoes, leaving me with a feeling I could tackle any surface, while feeling extremely light for the size of the boot.

I was able to test out a few terrains with the boot (Asphalt, Grass, Rock, Sand and of course indoors), surprisingly I rarely could tell the difference as to which surface I was on.? The boot always gave me a secure footing and even when walking on a hard surface, the shock absorption was incredible.? We hadn’t had much rain in the recent weeks Air Jordan Sneakers, so I decided to just make my own using a hose. new air jordan 2013?:) ?The shoes were able to withstand much more then I had thought, with my pants and legs ending up getting wet before my socks and feet.?? These shoes have shown me the power of “you get what you pay for” as the features and construction of this Merrell boot really show me what a REAL boot can be.

-Erik, Director of Marketing
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