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KMY26 sweet corn threshing machine

1. For fresh, sweet, waxy, thawed frozen corn

2. Threshing fresh corn 400-500kg per hour

KMY26 sweet corn threshing machine

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Items:cornthreshing machine

magnetic drum separator

Model No: KNY26

Power: 2HP/220v

Output: 400-500kg/h

Weight: 100kg

magnet manufacturers

Dimensions: 630*620*1250mm

Dimensions with packing: 700*700*1450mm

drum magnetic


double drum magnetic separator

    reasonable design: full stainless steel, casters, inverter high adaptability: both for large-scale factories with assembly line production and family workshops processing high utilization: automatically adjusted according to the size of corn on the cob, threshing depth adjustable high durability: specially designed stainless steel blades tracking service: lifetime free technical services and spare parts

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Tel: 0086-371-67996871 0086-371-67996872

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