2-3 T/h Wood Chipping Machine

Detailed Product Description

2-3 T/h Wood Chipping Machine

1. disc type

2. high capacity

3. for making 20-30mm chips

4.CE machine

2-3 T/h Wood Chipping Machine

Introduction of wood chipping machine

1.The woodchipping machineis automatic ,saves time and labor.

2.It is also multipurpose, setscrushing, chippingas one.
3.The materialcan bediameter wood and bamboo after pelling.

4.It can bemade into the material of paper pulp, hydrolysis, man-made board.

5.Low noise,simple construction,working stability,competitivxingbangrice,high quality ,easy to operate.

Raw Material

The raw material can bxingbangin wood, paper, board, bamboo, wood branches, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non-wood fiber rod can cut into uniform sheet, strip length can be adjusted in a certain range according to you need.

Main Parameter

Model: HSXPJ-03
Power: 18.5 KW
Capacity: 2200-3500 kg/h
Cutter Diameter: 800 mm
Diameter of final product: 20-50 mm
Feeding size: < 250 mm
Blade No.: 4 pcs
Moisture required: 5-35%
Applicable materials: wood logs
Weight: 900/1000 kg
Pack size:1.5*1.0*1.2 m


Final Product

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