Voltage transducer and Current sensor used in power inverter

now mostly used for different purposes depending on the system design, two or three type of inverter. To help improve the efficiency and protection systems for all types of solar inverter current measurement is very important.

no transformer design does not produce the loss of the transformer, and therefore is the most effective type. In this configuration, sometimes a boost converter to be used in photovoltaic (PV) array and the inverter (DC / AC) voltage is converted into the components of the input voltage of the inverter.

current peak current detection sensor can be used for comparison of the true value and the setpoint Voltage transducer. The inverter still control the output frequency of the system using a current sensor. In fact, no matter when the frequency is removed from the preselected range, the inverter will stop running for a while.

need not exceed the low DC power line, offset and temperature drift must be the best possible. Another requirement for grid connection is not the DC current supply into the grid. DC current offset by the sensor or IGBT communication network may cause trouble voltage sensor. The current may cause the transformer saturation, so that the network will produce more losses and more harmonic. Transformer configuration, this is not a big problem.

solar design in the future, the current may be compensated. The DC component is calculated by measuring the average value of the AC current; This represents the DC component. Accordingly, the current sensor used in the control loop of the inverter DC offset should be as low as possible. Moreover, it should be avoided that the DC offset generated due to the switching delay of the inverter IGBT or make it as small as possible. The DC offset can lead to network distribution transformer saturation. In order to reduce the DC offset Hall effect current sensor, is developing a new inverter topology.

these sensors can be used for industrial applications such as power inverter, as well as household appliances, variable speed drives, UPS, switching power supply and air conditioning to make these devices more efficient.

growing energy costs and “cleaner” power source search are driving concern such as solar and other alternative energy sources. Many new designs continue to emerge, and thus the most effective and efficient use of these energy sources. These designs with today’s electronic technology support, including a current sensor, a Hall current sensor.

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