Vision X HID-3000 35 Watt HID Rechargeable Waterproof Hand Held Flashlight

Vision X HID-3000 35 Watt HID Rechargeable Waterproof Hand Held Flashlight Product Description : Product Description : The Vision X HID-3000 is a handheld, high intensity discharge flashlight perfect for the serious user who demands maximum lighting performance, no matter how wet the conditions. The HID-3000 produces the equivalent of 300 watts halogen, is 100% waterproof and utilizes a powerful rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery system, which saves you the cost and trouble of buying additional disposable batteries. Whether for work, play or safety, just charge it up and and turn it on for instant illumination. The Ultimate Wet Weather Handheld HID LightThe Vision X HID-3000 is quite simply the ultimate handheld flashlight made to date. Producing light rated at a color temperature of 8,000K and completely waterproof to 328 feet underwater, it is designed to provide maximum light, especially for use in wet situations. This makes it perfect for serious use in all-weather situations like off-roading, hunting and rescue scenarios, as well as vi rtually all dive situations. Its 35-watt HID bulb puts out the equivalent of 300 watts halogen and is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery that lasts approximately 3 hours on a single charge. This means no additional batteries are required. The HID-3000 includes a handy carrying case as well as a set of five light filters that easily snap over the front of the bulb to curb or alter the color/intensity of the light when full power is not required. Waterproof, high-intensity lighting for off-roading, hunting or even underwater use.View larger. Standard Features: Ultra bright handheld HID light (8,000K) suitable for off-roading, underwater dive use, hunting, rescue situations, etc. Waterproof to 328 feet underwater. Produces the equivalent of 300 watts halogen with it 35-watt HID bulb. Powered by an included rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery providing up to 3 hours per charge, so no additional batteries are necessary. Includes carrying case and lens filters to soften/al ter light output. Light and compact at 4.6 lbs and 9.5″ l. x 3.625″ h. x 3.625″ w. Lifetime limited warranty. What’s in the Box1-Vision X HID-3000 light with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 1-battery charger, 1-pack of 5 color filters, 1-portable carrying case. Limited Lifetime WarrantyVision Motor Sports warrants, for the life of the product, that the components of this product are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty applies only to the original owner and is effective only if the product is not modified and is used only for the purpose that is is intended for. Warranty does not cover consumable items included in this product’s manufacturing. Vision Motor SportsVision Motor Sports was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. In 1999 the company introduced its Vision X or VX light series and the name stuck. Today people simply know the company and their lighting products by Vision X. In 20 05, Vision X launched Vision X Off Road Lighting, entering new markets and expanding their original Seattle area based operations with an additional office in Arizona to better serve customers. Product Description : The ultimate flashlight ever made produces the equivalent of 300 watts halogen with it 35 watt HID bulb and is completely water proof down to an amazing 328 feet under water which makes it great for recreational and commercial divers.For more information, please visit rechargeable flashlight happyed01466

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