_Ta-Nb jig beneficiation machine

Detailed Product Description


1) water-Saving
2) easy to operate
3) good enrichment efficiency
4) high recovery rate
5) seaworthy & durable



Saw tooth wave JT1070/2jiggerconcentrator is under dynamic saw tooth wave form andrise up and down stream flowing uniformity &serrated. It is easy for the thin size ore material to select.



The Giga is water-saving and continues working.



Widely used in tungsten, tin, gold, iron,flotation mineral processing manganese, titanium, chromium, sulfur various metal smelting slag extraction of metal and metal mine tailing recovery.


Comparison of saw-tooth-wave jigger & gold centrifuge separator
Saw-tooth-save jigger is new designed on the basic of traditional jigger with its jigging curve the saw-tooth-wave. It gains a great beneficiation efficiency for the fine ore recovery for precious metals like gold/tungsten/tin/platinum/tantalum/niobium with large up-flow speed of water & short action time and small down-flow speed of water and long action time. It can also be used to the refinery of the gold ore. Saw-tooth-wave jigger, as the gravity plant for the fine granularity ore can get the recovery of the gold ore to 97% for the gold refinery.
Gold centrifuge separator is kind fo new-designed multi-force gravity equipment from the traditional gravity separators. It uses centrifuge force to strengthen the gravity efficiency to gain a high recovery for the fine granularity gld ore. From the practice, the recovery rate can be up 90-95% for the colg centrifuge separator as the gold refinery equipment.
As a professional manufacturer and the desiner,flotation of coal henanxingbangMachinery Factory compare both separators to increase the learning of both separators.
1 treatment capacity
The treatment capacity is an important standard for the beneficiation factory. The normal capacity for the saw-tooth-wave jigger is 6-8t/h with the feeding size below 6mm while it is 10t/h when the granularity is not tso fine. For the gold centrifuge separator, the capacity is 2-4t/h with the feeding size below 5mm. So the saw-tooth-wave jigger has done a better job about the treatment capacity and the feeding size.
2. recovery rate
Recovery rate is taken into a consideration in the beneficiation project. As a new-type gravity beneficiation plant, saw-tooth-wave jigger gains a commanding height about the fine granularity ore recovery with its recovery rate up to 97% for the gold ore. The gold centrifuge separator, gains 90-95% recovery rate over the fine size below 0.2mm. So about the recovery, both saw-tooth-wave jigger and the centrifuge can meet the satisfaction.
3 operation & adjustment
Saw-tooth-wave jigger is separator which can be adjusted by adjustment of the stroke and the stroke frequency and its sroke, stroke frequency, under-screen water etc. can be adjusted when the machin is working. And then only feeding even will be ok. For the gold centrifuge separator, its operation and adjustment depends on the specific situation like the feeding size,ore flotation etc.. Also, the centrifuge separator works not continuously. So for the operation and the adjustment, jigger will be much easier.
4 service life
For the saw-tooth-wave jigger,floatation machine it is very easy to maintain with its simple structure. There is almost easy-wear parts but the diaphragm with diaphragm’s service life over one year. And within this one year, the manufacturer supplies the repair and mainteance free. The centrifuge separator is of sophiscated structure with the limited service life for the anti-friction parts. So the jigger will extent the profit about the service life.
To sum, for the large scale mining, the saw-tooth-wave jigger will be the ideal plant to choose while the centrifuge separator can do a good job when it comes to the small-scale project.
henanxingbangMachinery Factory, a professional manufacturer of kinds of mining beneficiation equipments, has the impeccable trial platform which can do free machine test. And we can design the flow sheet for your ore beneficiation.



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