Quality of China’s Mining Machines Is Reliable

It is reported that,China plans to supply 45 percent of its iron ore use by 2015, a big increase from last year”s 32 percent, as the country steps up efforts to protect its steel industry from a foreign monopoly over iron ore.The country also aims to get half of its iron ore imports from Chinese-invested mines to break the grip of the three major global miners, Vale SA, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. China, the world”s biggest consumer of iron ore, has been boosting domestic production of the mineral and increasing overseas investment to secure supplies. Not just ore mining, there also have coal mining, copper mining and many other mineral mining which are largely needed in the industrial development.Is the quality of China”s mining machines good? Many people may be thinking of this question. As one of the world”s most-rapidly developing countries, China is changing a lot everyday in almost every line. So is in mining.

Mining”s development brings more heavy equipments manufacturers and competitors among them. So these equipments manufacturers have to pay more attention to the products” quality. During so many years” rapid development after the Reform and Open Policy, more and more high quality mining equipments with good after-sale service are being used widely in the mining markets home and abroad. People around the world like to search what they want in China, not only because we can provide the most competitive prices, but also because the products are really good in use. Just take jaw crushers for example, we usaully had orders from the developeing countries in the past, but now many customers from the USA, West European countries, Japan, South Korea come here to purchase. From this we can see that the quality of China”s mining machines is becoming better and better.

As one of the most early-established mining equipments manufacturers, Hongxing Machinery has been exporting its products to the markets all over the world, including some developed countries, such as South Korea, the USA, Japan, and so on, which is attributed to the equipments” high quality and good after sale service.Our company has passed the international ISO9001-2000 authentication, possessing the independent right to import and export within People‚Äôs Republic of China. Products are classified into two series with more than 100 kinds of specifications. While expanding domestic market percentage constantly, our products are being exported to Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Yemen, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Africa and so on,more than 50 countries and regions totally.

The accumulation of fruitful technology and the application of new technology have enabled to acquire over 20 awards from country and industry. Perfect. After-sales service system and team with professional after-sales service has provided customers with prompt and thorough service. Customer requirement serves as a kind of constant innovative power of our Hongxing people. “Customers` success is base and top aspiration of our success”.

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