Test Run Requirement of Circular Vibrating Screen

Customers should operate circular vibrating screens according to the instructions for the first time.

1. The spring should be in a vertical station.

2. Vibraing screen’s drive direction: standing at the feeding side, facing towards the material flow direction and watching the motor position, get leftward or rightward drive. When changing the drive direction, disboard the vibrator’s belt wheel from the balance wheel, then remount it to the other balance wheel at the other side and fasten it.

3. Make sure the V belt have enough regulation capacity. Make sure the groove for each adhesive belt keep in one-to-one correspondence.

4. After the regulation of circular vibrating screen, it should have a no-load test run for at least 2 hours. It is required that the run should be stable, without extraordinary noise, with standard amplitude and motion trail, and the bearing’s highest temperature should be no more than 75 degrees. Although Vibrating Screen doesn’t like Jaw Crusher or Sand Making Machine stand core position in the whole production line, it’s irreplaceable. Vibrating Screen not only can screening different final sizes, but also it can screening waste garbage.

5. When the no-load test run is up to standard, it should have a load test run.

Circular Vibrating Screen is main equipment to separate solid materials. It is widely used in mineral, building materials, coal dressing, energy, chemical industry, etc. Circular Vibrating Screen produces vibrating force by vibrating generator, it makes screen body vibrate periodically according to vibrating direction. Materials are separated into various sizes according to different requests, and transported to specified places. Vibrating frequency can be adjusted by adjusting eccentric block.Vibrating screen is widely used in industrial enterprises such as metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. The motion of vibrating screen influences screening efficiency of screening device and productivity directly. In working process, the main parts endure long time high-frequency alternating loads, often resulting in crack on lateral board and beams. The strength problem is much more serious for large-scale vibrating screen.

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