Jaw Crusher’s Application in Granite Production Line

Granite has uniform structure, solid grain, and beautiful colors. It is a kind of high quality building stone. And jaw crusher is considered as the prefered device in granite production line.

When the jaw crusher is working, the material falls by the feeder hopper within the aircraft, disperses after the tripper the material to all around the yummy treats. The electric motor after the triangle belt impetus eccentric shaft, causes to move the jaw the vertical motion to crush the material, achieved certain granularity less advanced enters the rotation cavity. The material receives the rotor in the rotation cavity and decides the jaw the attrition stave, the stave material discharges from under hopper. This machine may adjust the turnover material granularity through the loose and tight bolt and the addition and subtraction filling piece. Uses the circumference to give the material, broken than for the material scope the jaw machine is big, the yummy treats speed quick and does not stop up. Broken machine compares with the same level specification jaw, its productivity big, the product granularity small, the reduction ratio is big.With the continuous development of society”s crusher technology innovation, types of growing, such as: jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roller broken. Therefore, the position of the jaw crusher is significantly reduced. The jaw crusher we have been the flagship product and enduring, and in all walks of life is to get praise.

It has the following features:

1.Large crushing ratio and even discharged materials;

2.Large and reliable adjusting range of discharged outlet meets various requirements;

3.Safe and reliable lubrication system, easily changed spare parts and easy maintenance;

4.Simple structure and low operation cost;

5.Low noise and little dust pollution.

Brittle materials in China, the annual output has reached about 1.5 billion tons, the vast majority of these materials to go through the broken mill, showing crushing and grinding engineering has played a huge role in the national mobile crusher. The crusher has been the darling of many industries of mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, especially the jaw crusher is the industry”s favorite.

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