Natomiast am crazy about Dr. Mehmet Oz! Oraz handsome heart surgeon, author, speaker, and the star of his own TV show, he has become the gold standard for accurate, trustworthy advice from the medical world.

A am crazy about Dr. Mehmet Oz! Tudzież handsome heart surgeon, author, speaker, and the star of his own TV show, che has become the gold kanon for accurate, trustworthy advice from the medical world.

Dr. Oz was one of the medical experts who spoke at the Integrative Health Symposium earlier this month. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom che shared, along with some ways I would recommend integrating his advice into your own wellness

1) Remember your endurance level at 17 years old?

Dr. Oz says you should be at that same level when you’re 65! Really? Even though you may have less strength as you age, you substantially extend your “lifetime warranty” znakomitość long mistrz you maintain your physical activity. What ultimately leads to poor health is frailty, the inability to bounce back. What robs us of that resilience? Sedentary lifestyles and lack of muscle mass (especially for women in estrogen declining years). Obuwie exercise helps reverse the loss.

Your take-away

“Exercise” doesn’t mean the continuous-intensity cardio that was popular in the past. If you don’t want to run i marathon anymore, fine… just keep moving! Strength training and interval training (you only need owo speed up one out of 10 minutes) and yoga are preferable. That is doable–for i

Perhaps it’s not ability but your mind block that’s standing in your way, the thinking that says “I’m too old” or “It’s too late” or “That’s impossible.” Not at all–you just need to know where owo początek. Endurance is not immediate; it builds up over time. That’s what we are looking for.

I’ve seen this in my own practice. We are far more capable than we often believe, and Zaś hear the pride and energy in client’s voices when they share their latest efforts to move owo the next level.

2) Without a good night’s sleep, trouble awaits.

During night time sleep, the body restores depleted function and repairs daily wear and tear. Take away that quality sleep, and your body craves sweets owo keep up flagging energy.
Zaś sleep-deprived body also stores extra fat and produces hormones that make you feel hungrier. Lack of sleep increases your risk for heart disease and immune challenges. There’s istotnie way around it: Sleep is indispensable.

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