Krakow is eithermarvellous andbad. for searching work

Employment in Krakow – who can get a job and who will find it hard?

“Submit application now!”, “Recruitment Krakow “, “Enrol to us” – that is how hoardings, bulletin boards and websites are roaring. Looking through the next pages, you have the belief that the Polish market is stocked of work proposals, but does the facts are positive too? As stated by the Central Statistical Office, the number of unemployeds at the end of December 2012 was 2,136.8 human beings and raised about 3.8%  in all areas towards November.

Recruitment Kraków – for whom?

These distressing data, undeniably do not look the same in every arm of business. Even now, there are lots of job proposals for the workers in huge understanding of IT production, marketers, and employees in finance and economics, nonethless just in huge Polish metropolies are the the biggest job market. This trend will be continuing in the coming time, and the of unemployment will affect the financial part and new technologies just at the lowest pitch.

When you look through the offers in Krakow, on the famous Net website for work seekers, you can clearly emphasise the proposed thesis. Naturally, the proposals does not mean that you have already found a work place, but it is certainly a great thing of its searching. The process itself is much more difficult and it often is the same: searching submissions directing applications, and the most difficult area – recruitment. Kraków and its job market does not seem to be so not good. 1161 submissions, among are moneymen,economists and IT designer. There are also lot of jobs suggestions for employees related to environmental protection, for experts in quality power and lawyers. We will also find most submissions for experts, but least for supervisory job and physical workers.

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