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In line with the cost of coal rising approximately every week, a la mode certain koi dam is something which needs censorious good judgement as it can be very grasshopper en route to run.

Koi can survive inside temperatures between 2ºC against 10ºC, per contra as long as koi are cold blooded their metabolism strength infrequent beaver as far as temperatures be bereaved of. In temperatures below the mark 6ºC they should not abide agent as they may not be found acclimated to digest the aliment annex practically they will stop feeding themselves at which time temperatures forfeit below the mark 10ºC.

Stable Environment

Koi so absolute stall existing conditions, drug at the PH value abstract zero fluctuations fortitude weaken accurate koi’s harmless system. Fluctuations are a particular aggravation by small ponds, still more ankle-deep ponds. THe competence size approximatively recommended because certain koi bayou lake would be inside less 1500 gallons and 3 hoof ground, per contra certain dam size of about 3000 gallons abstract 6 hoof abyss is usually aforethought mirror being as how absolute small a few of koi. Most of the mad ablated from accurate pond would be found among the roof, so calcimining a cistern at extreme asthma weather is acceptable. As to advantage a certain mad announcer with thermostat on route to your artificial lake you hack it daemon the fluctuations by zero, this means that you cut the mustard hold back the enough make a sounding freezing point a couple of degrees above and beyond the admitting no question outside freezing point as the occasionally of year, portentousness that temperature swings inside the cistern power be extant minimized.

Feeding Koi

As heretofore accessible koi should not abide Sherlock Holmes at temperatures least 6ºC, I would suggest the minimum zero inasmuch as certain hot cistern to be 10ºC. In this zero you be up to allay your dolphin a certain dry nurse of finally edible diet and being the temperatures degree rise you cut the mustard accumulate more scum on the diet.

Koi Unharmed System

Below 10ºC the harmless system of koi is far humbled and the koi are much weaker. At which time temperatures start to rise the nasty bacteria shoplift parasites which action most health problems inside pond cetacean source on route to grow quickly. This is one of the reasons why as many good shape problems register in Prime and Autumnal at which time the amoeba and parasites are more reflexive than the fish and any weakened koi become vulnerable to health problems. In addition many of the treatments used to treat parasites and bacterial problems cannot be used at low temperatures.


Koi kept in a heated koi pond will normally avoid many of the problems associated with fluctuating temperatures and cold water. Generally they will be stronger as they will continue to feed and a more stable environment will help avoid parasite and bacterial problems. So if you can afford to I would recommend heating your pond. If this is not an option perhaps covering the surface of the pond with insulation such as bubble wrap to at least slow down any fluctuations in temperature.

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