The recruitment thing and …nothing

It is good to mention the average obstacles which, in fact, appear during each recruitment process, even during the recruitment on the high level workplaces. Waiting for the feedback from the client’s side is a norm in a executive search adviser work. Once in a while it occurs that the corporation that signed a agreement to reach to the prospect makes changes during the recruitment process in such aspects as the desired certificates or the job location. Once in a while, the recruitment on a given post is put on hold and the commissioner does not mention the consultant about the causes. It also happens that the client simply remains quiet. The lack of info from the recruiter does not express lack of care but in such a thing we must wait.

can be a very useful way to getting the best and the most valuable people for specialist or managerial workplaces. For sure, it is not so easy method and it needs many energy and commitment from the recruiter. Therefore the prospect’s beneficial attitude makes benefit for the two sides and, furthermore, enlarge the chance of successfully finishing the recruitment process.

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